Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Space Case

These last week or so I have become the biggest space case.
I'm pretty sure school has really been getting the best of me.
I thought I had a massive school project due tomorrow, along with a test tomorrow, a test, a quiz and a paper, and other assignments due tonight.
I spent all day working on that blasted project, looked in my planner to see what else I needed to do, and guess what? The project wasn't due tomorrow, it's due next week! AHH!!!
I am so happy I have it done and don't need to stress over it. But I definitely could have used the study time for this test I have tomorrow.
I lost my keys, and probably spent 20 minutes looking all over for them. They were in the drink holder on the side of the car door. Nice.
I totally spaced a family party on Sunday. Ooops! My bad.
This portion is going to be a mini-vent session or as I just studied for my test tomorrow, "Catharsis" (nerd..I know)
So if you don't feel like reading about whining or complaining, stop reading now.
1. I am not sure why my car has been the target for some people, but yes, it got broken into a second time. The goods this time? 2 dimes, a piece of paper, and a ring. I would have just given you a dollar and a notebook if you wanted it that bad!!!
2. As of late, I have had some doubts about nursing. I love what I am doing at my clinical site for capstone, I just don't feel like I have found my place yet. I am feeling very discouraged that I just haven't found anything that I am totally in love with. This has lead me to think did I make the right choice? Will I ever find something I am happy with? I am sure it's just I am so stressed with school and all of these assignments that won't help me (i.e. posting 6 responses to a discussion topic that most people end up saying, yes, great idea I agree to). I know that somewhere there is a point, but I am feeling to buried in homework, I can't seem to see it quite yet. I am glad that I am not alone in feeling this way. I was talking to a dear friend the way to class last week, and she felt the same way too!! What's goin on here?!?!
3. Cold weather. It is time for you to stay away. I don't like feeling like I just got pierced with icicles when I walk outside.
4. There are days if I wonder if anyone hears me. I was at a study group last night, I would say the answer to something, no one would respond. Someone else would say it, and everyone would go Yeah thats it! I thought about not responding anymore, but I decided I wouldn't do that. I kept responding, and they kept either not hearing or just ignoring. Either way, my fingers are crossed that one night of studying will get me a passing grade on this test!!!
5. I love food. I hate eating so late at night (like right now, 1am and all I want to do is pay a visit to the kitchen and find something tasty!)
So, of to the kitchen it is, and wrapping up this vent session! I am waking up in less than 5 hours to get up, do some last minute review, go to breakfast for a birthday celebration, and go take the dreaded psych. test. Here is to a great day tomorrow, a completed project, and an exciting blog post hopefully tomorrow (at least I think it will be fun).

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