Friday, November 12, 2010


I secretly have been listening to Christmas music
I know, it's not even Thanksgiving... I don't care
I have started my Christmas shopping
Something very exciting is in the mail
I can't wait to get it in my hot little hands
I have been to anthropologie 3 times within a week
horrible I know, but... again... I don't care
Love that store
I could do without grumpy people
They seem to be everywhere these days
If you are going to be rude, I would rather you not
please and thank you
I took a break from school and I went to a movie last night
Morning Glory
I recommend it, if you like the sappy cheesy cutsie movies
I sure do
Tell your boyfriend or husband they can take you to it
Rachel McAdams is in it and she is adorable, they will like her too
I don't feel guilty for going either
I started a non school book today
I'm almost finished with it
(School? What's school?? Who has time for that? ha!)
I have loved not working the past 2 days
I could get used to this life
I wish I could tell school to take it easy
tests every week, presentations stacking up, journals to write
we are all starting to check out
May is around the corner
I'm going to go to bed EARLY tonight
I am going to let the old woman in me come out and shine
No guilty feelings over here