Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Fall has officially arrived today. at 9:02 P.M.

These are what I am excited to see coming in the next few weeks
Does it get any better than that? Maybe it does, but I would be okay with going to see these beauties again.
I promise I have not fallen off the face of the earth. When fall comes, it also brings a lovely thing called school with it. It has officially sucked me in, and I am running as fast as I can to keep up. What a busy semester, but it's been a great one already.
A little update on life:
-Got a pedicure in lieu of the Utes... New York City Big Apple Red
-Went to a few football games, and we've won 'em all..... GO UTES!!
-Went on a few mini bike rides.... and when I say mini..not even a full block
-Bought a tasty treat to make at Williams-Sonoma, but I haven't yet
-Drove out to Magna for the first time
- Went to a family party
-Made a promise that I wouldn't buy anymore clothes until October 27.
-Went on a short 2 mile run, felt great after (though I know that is just a few baby steps to you marathoners)
- Scooted to school almost every day (pictures to come!!) with 3 darling ladies
-Spent a weekend in Park City with Braden
-Decided where I want to do my capstone in my final semester of nursing school
-Decided that I love feta cheese on a salad
-I want to see my Grandma who lives in Tennessee more than anything
-Went on an afternoon walk with baby brother, loved every second of it
-I want to go to Chicago with Braden to cheer him on in his marathon
-I have a fun project to work on when I am on fall break
-I am dying to buy a new pair of earrings
-I have had my eye on a few things at Anthropologie... I think a mid semester reward might be coming soon... but shhh don't tell
-My friend Hailey is getting married in December, and she is taking wedding pictures this weekend, can't wait to see them
-I adore quails, and Braden took me to a park where there are statues of quails and I love it
School hasn't consumed my whole life.
Just most of it.
I have a test tomorrow and I probably should get to sleep.
I will try to be more active on the blog, I just have to tell school to take it easy on me!!