Sunday, February 27, 2011


I think I have fooled myself into thinking I can multitask.
Unless it's the kind where I listen to music while cleaning; I can't.
I've got major things coming up and I don't want to mess up any chances of doing the best I can.
So, a resolution from now until at least the end of this semester and post NCLEX...
When I am studying, I am studying.
The cell phone will be on silent (not just vibrate), g-chat won't be pulled up, and my to do lists will be written in the morning so when I am studying, I won't stress about what else I have to do, and the chance of forgetting to do it.
Blogging is the only thing I can't think of how to resist, other than will power... I just can't waste time.
Sorry in advance if I don't respond quick enough, or don't answer.
This is the real deal.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I secretly love

I secretly love french bull dogs
(and love it even more that hunky Hugh Jackman has one)
I secretly love The Bachelor
(I know some think it's trashy, and it can be... but I can't resist!!)
I secretly (not much of a secret though) love my bowls from anthropologie
I have almost every color
(only missing 2, don't worry, i'm workin on that)
I secretly love that Jake g-chats with me while he is at school
(it's like our texting, since he is sans phone...and if you know me, i can't resist a text message!)
I secretly love that Bradens nephew calls me Uncle Tara
(I'm not even Aunt Tara)
I secretly love that when I look out the window at work I see the same people everyday and they each have a nickname
I secretly love that Braden makes me feel like I am good at anything
(even if I'm truly not)
I secretly love corndogs and big macs
I secretly love that I went to dinner with my fam and B the other night, and a cute old couple were walking down the street and when we paid, got up, walked to the car, and started driving off, they were just barely turning the corner (the corner was only one building from where we saw them)
I secretly love things to be clean
(grateful for a mom who keeps our house so nice and the yard lookin so good!)
I secretly love that I can tell my mom anything and she will make me feel better
(even if she doesn't think she did...she did)
I secretly love that my cat loves cheese and doughnuts
(I love both things too! ha! go figure.)
I secretly love my sappy romance novels
(but don't worry, none of the ones with nearly naked couples on the cover, those are not as quality as others)
I secretly love lots of things
But secretly, sadly, I should be studying, and not blogging

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day after Valentines

Valentines Day was filled with fun!
I went to work, wearing red scrubs, and my Valentines earrings from last year
I had a special delivery of flowers for my mom

I called Braden when I got off work, and he didn't answer
Tried again
Still, no answer
He called me back and said he had taken a nap
(I didn't believe him, he sounded much too awake-I thought he was being cute and buying me flowers- he insisted he was really taking a nap)
My mom made a delicious 'Fruit Pizza' on a sugar cookie- to die for
Got ready wearing a pink cardigan and my anthro valentines earrings from mom
Met up with Braden, and he had already gone earlier to get me flowers, I got them right as I opened the door

He even wore a red shirt I had given him (how festive!)
We headed on up to Ruth's Diner for dinner (wehre I left my left overs on the table, came back in less than 5 minutes, and they had already thrown it away- SAD!!
Came home, watched a chick flick (which B picked out himself, impressive)
Ate a midnight snack.

I was so happy to spend the day with my family and my Valentine.
a day late

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Space Case

These last week or so I have become the biggest space case.
I'm pretty sure school has really been getting the best of me.
I thought I had a massive school project due tomorrow, along with a test tomorrow, a test, a quiz and a paper, and other assignments due tonight.
I spent all day working on that blasted project, looked in my planner to see what else I needed to do, and guess what? The project wasn't due tomorrow, it's due next week! AHH!!!
I am so happy I have it done and don't need to stress over it. But I definitely could have used the study time for this test I have tomorrow.
I lost my keys, and probably spent 20 minutes looking all over for them. They were in the drink holder on the side of the car door. Nice.
I totally spaced a family party on Sunday. Ooops! My bad.
This portion is going to be a mini-vent session or as I just studied for my test tomorrow, "Catharsis" (nerd..I know)
So if you don't feel like reading about whining or complaining, stop reading now.
1. I am not sure why my car has been the target for some people, but yes, it got broken into a second time. The goods this time? 2 dimes, a piece of paper, and a ring. I would have just given you a dollar and a notebook if you wanted it that bad!!!
2. As of late, I have had some doubts about nursing. I love what I am doing at my clinical site for capstone, I just don't feel like I have found my place yet. I am feeling very discouraged that I just haven't found anything that I am totally in love with. This has lead me to think did I make the right choice? Will I ever find something I am happy with? I am sure it's just I am so stressed with school and all of these assignments that won't help me (i.e. posting 6 responses to a discussion topic that most people end up saying, yes, great idea I agree to). I know that somewhere there is a point, but I am feeling to buried in homework, I can't seem to see it quite yet. I am glad that I am not alone in feeling this way. I was talking to a dear friend the way to class last week, and she felt the same way too!! What's goin on here?!?!
3. Cold weather. It is time for you to stay away. I don't like feeling like I just got pierced with icicles when I walk outside.
4. There are days if I wonder if anyone hears me. I was at a study group last night, I would say the answer to something, no one would respond. Someone else would say it, and everyone would go Yeah thats it! I thought about not responding anymore, but I decided I wouldn't do that. I kept responding, and they kept either not hearing or just ignoring. Either way, my fingers are crossed that one night of studying will get me a passing grade on this test!!!
5. I love food. I hate eating so late at night (like right now, 1am and all I want to do is pay a visit to the kitchen and find something tasty!)
So, of to the kitchen it is, and wrapping up this vent session! I am waking up in less than 5 hours to get up, do some last minute review, go to breakfast for a birthday celebration, and go take the dreaded psych. test. Here is to a great day tomorrow, a completed project, and an exciting blog post hopefully tomorrow (at least I think it will be fun).

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Punxsatauny Phil

(image via google)
Punxsatauny Phil made his annual appearance this morning
The best part about this??
He didn't see his shadow...which means?
Let's get rid of this 1 degree weather we have been experiencing, bring on the fun spring weather, shorts, and a graduation in may
I am even more excited for spring so that I wont be cold anymore. I made hot chocolate this morning to bring to class, I treked across campus in the cold, finally made it to class, set my thermos down, and next thing I know, I push it off the table and my hot chocolate is now warming up the floor, and not me. Sad day.

Groundhogs Day= Birthday

Today is Groundhogs day, and my moms birthday!
HaPpY bIrThDaY mOm!!!

(We will leave out how old you are, because I am that nice, ha!)
Despite the initial rocky road of having her presents stolen out of my car

(which I know I said didn't happen, but if my mom happened to read my blog I didn't want her to see that before her birthday)

I think this morning was a success, dinner tonight and hopefully a relaxing day for the mama while we are all away at work and school
This is a random picture, but its corregated cardboard, and that is what the presents were wrapped in, for the second time, with lots of fun red ribbon!!
Instead of a cake she wanted a cherry pie, so that's what we are having tonight

Here is to a wonderful birthday day!!!
I love you mom