Sunday, February 27, 2011


I think I have fooled myself into thinking I can multitask.
Unless it's the kind where I listen to music while cleaning; I can't.
I've got major things coming up and I don't want to mess up any chances of doing the best I can.
So, a resolution from now until at least the end of this semester and post NCLEX...
When I am studying, I am studying.
The cell phone will be on silent (not just vibrate), g-chat won't be pulled up, and my to do lists will be written in the morning so when I am studying, I won't stress about what else I have to do, and the chance of forgetting to do it.
Blogging is the only thing I can't think of how to resist, other than will power... I just can't waste time.
Sorry in advance if I don't respond quick enough, or don't answer.
This is the real deal.

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