Tuesday, January 25, 2011

All Nighters

Here I am sitting at Huntsman Cancer Institute. Its 2:30 in the morning and I am dead tired. I don't know how people do this! I can stay up this late at home and be totally fine, but for some reason, this is really hard. I took lots of advice: I brought crunchy snacks, drinking lots of water, I even went and bought a Dr. Pepper for some caffine (I never have soda). My hat is off to all nurses who work night shifts, or anyone who stays up all night for their job.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Today started out awesome! I got up, did some homework, went to church, came home made some yummy food for dinner, played a game of speed scrabble, then back to the books. As I was reading for a test this week, one of the topics was on how if you have a better attitude about something, you will actually have a better time doing whatever it is. I thought okay sir, I will give that idea a try. I was feeling pretty stressed about this week with school, so I thought right then and there inside to myself, I am going to have a great week. It was time for me to go home from Braden's house, and so I walk up to my car whose name is Phil (yes I have named all of my cars), I open the door to get in and BAM!!! Everything inside of my car is turned upside down, thrown around, and ripped open. Someone broke into my car. These things inside my car were my moms birthday presents. *newsflash* to whoever broke into my car, it probably wasn't your birthday, and those presents definitely weren't yours to open!! I instantly turned around and started to cry to Braden. Nothing was stolen but some darling ribbon but that didn't stop me from feeling all shaken up about it. The whole time driving home I felt totally sick that someone else was in my car going through all of my papers, packages, and compartments. I was also thinking that I almost don't feel like giving any of those presents to my mom, someones grubby hands have been all over them. Gross.
So a big thank you to whoever that was that squashed any thoughts I had of starting out my week with a great attitude.
Nevermind, I just ate a homemade oatmeal cookie while writing this, and I think my week is looking better already. That's what they call stickin it to the man!