Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Bachelor

alright people lets be honest here
the bachelor was filled with drama and some cheesy moments
but when the drama isn't in your life, who doesn't love it??
i wanted emily to win so bad, and i wasn't able to watch it the night it aired.
i had braden record it and he wanted to watch it with me
(don't worry i think he probably enjoyed it more than i did!)
i had told anyone and everyone not to talk about it in front of me, i wanted to watch it for myself
tuesday night rolled around and i watched it, and that's right, emily won!
i then watched the after the final rose show, people were shocked when she said no, i wouldn't marry him right now. think about it people, she had gone on a whole 5 dates with him during the show, hasn't seen him in 2 months (or however long it is), and she has a daughter. as real or as fake as this show is, she isn't marrying him just because he happens to be a hunk, she wants to date him longer, and get to know him better, isn't that a good thing? i think it is. besides, i think their southern accents make them a much better couple. i am stepping off my soap box right now

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